Behavioral Lab Open Day!

Under what circumstances do you cooperate with others? How well do you perform a task under stress? How do you perceive a website, image or film? What emotions are triggered depending on what you see? Can you orientate yourself in a virtual shop? And how do you feel about it?
These and other questions are regularly examined at the Behavioral Lab of the University of St.Gallen.

On Tuesday 7th of May 2019 at Tellstrasse 2 we open our doors to all HSG researchers who want to learn more about the Behavioral Lab and participate in discussions with colleagues from different disciplines. You will be able to see our state-of-the-art tools in action and learn how they can be applied for various studies ranging from economic games to biometric experiments or experiments in virtual reality. The presentation and discussions will be followed by an Apéro, where you will be able to address your questions to the Lab’s team members.

For more information and registration for the event, please follow the link:

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Evgenii Avdeev, Research Specialist

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